Microneedling Vs. Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

There are a few ways to treat acne scars. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely get rid of them but there are many ways to try and hide them. It can be hard to find which procedure is best for you, so today we will look at the difference between Microneedling and Laser treatment for acne scars.

How they work

Microneedling works by rolling tiny needles across the skin. They apply gentle pressure to the skin and cause tiny wounds that need to be healed. This increases collagen and encourages the healing process for the skin. The younger you are the more likely your body will make new cells.

There a few different laser treatments but we will talk about laser treatment in general. When getting laser treatment the laser will burn off a layer of the scarring tissue. The heat from the laser will cause more blood flow to the area. With more blood flow there will be more skin growth. This procedure takes about two hours to complete.


There is no exact price. However, microneedling is more affordable. It depends where you go and the experience of the dermatologist. For microneedling, you will expect to be charged around $300, but you will likely need to go to multiple sessions.

Laser treatment can be up to $2,000, but you will see more results.

Side effects

Microneedling doesn’t have many side effects. Recovery is just a couple of days. It will look like you got a sunburn.

Laser treatment has a few more side effects. You can expect bruising and darkening in some spots. More common side effects are swelling and redness. You may also get itchy and your skin will become dry and flaky. Getting burned from the laser can happen too.

With both procedures, there is the chance of infections.


When washing and drying your face after getting microneedling, be gentle. Make sure you wash your hands before touching your face.

With laser treatment, wait until the next day to wash your face. You don’t want to use moisturizers for a few days so you can allow your skin to peel. Don’t use facial scrubs. Try not to exercise for 3 days.

For both procedures, you should be gentle with your face for a few days after. You should expect to wear sunscreen and be cautious of how long your face is in the sun for about two weeks. Also, wait a week to apply make-up.

The results

Microneedling will leave your skin more smooth, firm and toned. This procedure has also been used for anti-aging produces. It increases collagen in the skin. With microneedling you will have to go to multiple sessions. Expect to see only small results every time. With this procedure, there are certain skin conditions you can’t treat.

Laser treatment reduces the appearance of acne scars and leaves your skin smoother. You will see quicker results. Laser treatment can also help with smoothing out wrinkles.

Before the procedure

You should not get these procedures done if you are pregnant. If you smoke you should try to quit before getting them done. Smoking will prolong the healing process. Do not expose yourself to sunlight the day before and don’t wear make-up.